Date: March 8, 2018
Venue: Headquarter Office, KL

For the second time around, IMMERI MALAYSIA team welcomed our business counterparts who came all the way from China to join us in our IMMERI BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY 2018. On this enchanting Thursday morning, a group of approximately 200 IMMERI China business builders arrived at our Malaysia office for a quick tour and sharing session.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, all the lady participants were pleasantly surprised when they were presented with a lovely red rose for the day. They were gleaming with delight, to say the least and sparkled with joy!

Our IMMERI China team was treated to a warm welcoming speech by the emcee and a speech by our CEO, Mr Lau and COO, Mr. Tan. Charged with high spirit and renewed energy after the Lunar New Year, General Manager of IMMERI MALAYSIA, Ms. Wong shared with IMMERI China our exciting new plan in research and development, working towards empowering women to be financially independent through IMMERI business, allowing women (and men) today to shine through our innovative platform and what has been brewing here on the home shore and many more.

General Manager of IMMERI TAIWAN, Mr. Tsai too injected some insights about the business potential. A talk most obviously befitting this very special day.

Talk, sharing, song, dance, cheers and laughter aside, complete with group photos captured at the end of the session, we bid our beloved IMMERI brothers and sisters a quick goodbye and see you all soon!

We wish our IMMERI team mates a very enjoyable and memorable trip here in Malaysia!