IMMERI Chinese New Year Open House

Date: February 28, 2018
Venue: Headquarter Office, KL

IMMERI Group CEO, Mr. Lau, COO Mr. Tan, General Manager, Ms. Wong and our guests came together for a “yee sang” feast during the recent Chinese New Year 2018 celebration at the IMMERI Malaysia KL office - Chinese New Year opening house it was!

Mr. Lau graciously handed out red packets to the guests, making him an instant hit among the guests that day. The occasion was made even merrier with the arrival of The God of Prosperity distributing “lucky goodie bags” to spread the spirit of good luck, and prosperity! A group “lou sang” moment with Mr. Lau sealed the deal of huge success for IMMERI for the year to come.

During the occasion, Ms. Wong shared with everyone the latest news regarding the company, for instance, one of them was the IMMERcare brand of women’s intimate care campaign. A Women’s Intimate Care Talk by renowned speaker, Mr. Gloria Chen was also in the pipeline in the month of March 2018.

This series of 4-day intimate care talk will see a collaboration between IMMERI Malaysia and Missi Care, providing health checks to those who turn up for the talks in order to also create more awareness towards the importance of health care. Another piece of good news shared by her was the fact that IMMERplus Vitide Soy Protein with Lemon Beverage has successfully obtained the JAKIM HALAL Certification.

According to Mr. Lau, our brand new IMMERI office in China and newly renovated manufacturing plant are now ready and would serve the team and company to further expand the business globally. We will continue to improve on our products, that would include upgrading the technology and production, product formulation and raw material, packaging, sales kit and many more. We shall keep up the pace with the current trend and needs, disseminating and sharing relevant information with the public through our social media platforms!

Cut Through the clutter and move forward. GONG XI FA CAI!