Qingdao Joyful Trip

A Happy Learning Moment

Date: March 28, 2018
Venue: Headquarter Office, Qingdao China

Today is a very special day for us here at IMMERI as our group of team from IMMERI MALAYSIA family step foot for the first time, on our spanking brand new 20,000 square feet QINGDAO, China office, strategically located at the China Wanxin Central Plaza. Super excited to be here!

After the visit, both IMMERI Group CEO Mr. Lau and COO, Mr. Tan are already awaiting the team at the meeting room, to welcome us home.

IMMERI Group CEO Mr. Lau in a succinct manner briefs everyone on the concept behind the new office, from its first inception right down to its grand opening, every little detail was well thought out and planned. He adds, both Qingdao and Malaysia offices are our focal point as main offices, aiming to expand into international markets in the near future. There are plans to move into Middle East and Africa markets, to expand our IMMERI brand further and wider. This will allow IMMERI business partners bigger platform to expand our own reach and international markets.

It is indeed lucky this time around! By special arrangement, IMMERI’s Developement Centre Lead Trainer, Mr. Shan rushes back from his overseas trip and gives our Malaysian counterparts a 3-hour fun filled training. He reveals, “There isn’t a perfect individual, but there is a perfect team! One needs to have foresight, vision and passion in order to build a bigger empire in this business”. IMMERI’s core value is to go back to its very basics, allowing business partners to leverage on company’s strength, products, marketing plan, training and networks. Such a great session!

IMMERI General Manager, Ms. Wong recaps the training by Mr. Shan and re-affirms the team that one should start afresh with new mindset in order to move forward with greater success!

IMMERI Group CEO, Mr. Lau shares the company’s plans and hopes for 2018, two main areas to focus on and implement - “Initiation Plan” training and incorporation of products and demo videos within this area to further equipped the business partners with comprehensive tools to effectively share and promote IMMERI’s product lines. On the other hand, a substantial amount of investment is put into expanding storage and warehouse space, RFID system operation using high-end technology and smart devices to endure the efficiency and convenience of the traceability of products. A visit to the factory by the team left the team with a much better understanding of the operation of the company.

It was truly a great and rewarding learning experience! Let’s work towards a better and brighter future with IMMERI!