2018 Qingdao Joyful Trip

Date: March 27-31, 2018
Venue: Qingdao, China

Our IMMERI Malaysia QIngdao Joyful Trip 2018 kick started with a high note! Let’s come with us and explore the wonders of this beautiful island, the mesmerising locales, the delicious food and most of all, get high with the smooth beer that Qingdao, China has to offer!

This was the very first time that our IMMERI Malaysia team set foot at the IMMERI Qingdao brand new office, located at the China Wanxin Central Plaza, super excited we were! The team were warmly greeted by IMMERI Group CEO, Mr. Lau, COO Mr. Tan and Ms. Hsiao from Qingdao office.

IMMERI Group CEO, Mr. Lau shared the company’s plans and hopes for 2018, allowing our business partners to better understand the company’s direction, in order to achieve greater success and transform lives! By special invitation, IMMERI Development Centre Lead Trainer, Mr. Shan gave the group an informative talk, though short yet condensed and packed full of useful updates, most definitely a fruitful learning session. A visit to our IMMERI factory in Qingdao, fully automated with high tech facilities, including vacuum-packing to ensure the highest quality of IMMERI products.

After a day of soul searching, we are all revitalised! We went on a sight seeing spree, visiting famous tourist attractions like Laoshan, Taiqing Palace, Ba Shui River, Qingdao Zhanqiao land stage, Olympic Sailing Centre and the famous Qingdao Brewery Museum for a visit. The dedicated explanation from the tour guide made it the more memorable.

We have finally come to our last day at Qingdao. The final night dinner, a very special treat by IMMERI Group CEO, Mr. Lau and COO, Mr. Tan! Definitely a night to remember!

Time flew by when we were having fun! No words could express how we felt at that moment. Bidding farewell to Qingdao, this time around. We shall see you again soon!