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IMMERplus Vitide


Our body’s natural healer.

With economy and technology advancement , our lifestyle has improved tremendously , The effect of such development has affected our health in many ways we have never imagined . The food we eat , the water we drink and the air we breathe are inevitably affected by such development . The good news is that more health supplements are available to help us cope with the environmental stress.

Human body is made up of trillions of cells. Research shows that peptides are the fundamental structural and functional unit of the body that keeps us alive. Peptides control our growth and regulate every function in the body as well as forming antibody and hormones. Peptides are found in foods such as milk, eggs, grains and soybeans. However, modern people are lacking of peptide as a results pf massive peptides lost due to unhealthy lifestyle, aging poor absorption and synthesis. How do we get enough of peptide to stay healthy?

Vitide beverage which contains peptides from soy protein extract provides the essential peptides and nutrients for vitality and strength.


  • Exclusive non-genetically modified soybeans from North-eastern China

  • Low molecular weight with 100% absorption

  • Biologically active peptide

  • Contains 17 amino acids ( including 9 essential amino acids )

  • Super Active

  • Super high in nutrients

  • Super effective

Ingredients : Soy protein and lemon powder

Benefits of Peptide:


Activates cellular activity and removes harmful free radicals


Repairs damaged cells and reconditioning cell structures


Promotes cellular assimilative function and normalizes metabolism


Inhibits cell mutations and strengthens bodily immunity

Magical effects of Soy Micro Molecule Bioactive Peptide:

Enhances bodily immune power.
Helps regulate blood pressure.
Effectively reduces blood lipids level.
Elevates power of concentration and memory.
Reduces muscular strain and trauma, rapid physical restorations.
Enhances and firms muscles / strengthens skin muscles.
Promotes skin elasticity, relieve menopausal symptoms.

“PEPTIDE” health regimen - Pioneering revolutionary nutrition of 21st century